Pre-Departure Requirements

It is our first Prior to departure to an international destination on an FIU-sponsored trip, employees and students should educate themselves on legal and institutional requirements, and recommendations for best practices.

For students, the Office of Education Abroad assists with such preparations.  

Employees should follow the directions provided in the below travel policies and the manual/guidelines by the Office of the Controller.

It is your responsibility to follow the legal and institutional requirements as well as pre-departure recommendations associated with the foreign destination. You should also know that with the approval of your Travel Authorization Request (TAR), FIU is enrolling you in Global Business Travel Insurance. Please carefully review this information and take the appropriate measures and minimize risks to you and the institution.

Legal requirements

  • State sponsors of terrorism

    he State of Florida prohibits the use of department or project funds for travel or travel-related costs to countries identified by the U.S. Department of State as State Sponsors of Terrorism. Please ensure that your destination is not designated as a State Sponsors of Terrorism. If your destination is included under this designation, please contact the International Travel Committee.

  • Sanctions and export control requirements

    Travel to destinations currently sanctioned by the Department of the Treasury or traveling with research-related equipment or data, or highly encrypted software, or attending or presenting at a scientific conference, may require you to take specific action(s) to comply with the law. If any of these apply to your travels, you must contact our Export Controls Administrator/Compliance Officer at or 305-348-4726 to understand any prerequisites such as export controls or licensing requirements related to your trip. If your trip is associated with a sponsored research project and was approved by the Office of Research & Economic Development/Post-Award Manager, the screening for sanctions and export control requirements is already completed.

Institutional requirements

For any other international travel-related questions and concerns, or in an emergency, please contact us.

Safe travels!