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Since 2005, the FIU in Genoa program, has welcomed over 500 FIU students for study abroad and exchange experiences in the subject areas architecture, interior design, the humanities and social sciences and hospitality management. Much of the program's success lies in the close partnership with the University of Genoa through faculty and student collaborations, partially funded by the European Union's Erasmus + program. 

Building on this foundation, FIU in Genoa is currently expanding opportunities for FIU students and faculty across disciplines, departments and colleges by furthering our strong relationships with local institutions in academia, culture, industry and government.

In cooperation with our Italian partners, the program is expanding its scope to become a nexus of student and faculty interaction in Italy and beyond - advancing FIU’s international profile through mutually beneficial engagement with local communities.

FIU Global is developing new opportunities in Genoa and Italy for students and faculty including:

  • Reciprocal exchange
  • Collaborative research
  • Internships
  • Study abroad

Explore FIU in Genoa and how FIU students have experienced Genoa

UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Water Security 

The designation as a UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Water Security in 2018 was bestowed in recognition of the important work done by faculty and scientists affiliated with FIU's Institute of Environment. It is also a result of the close partnership and collaborations with the Universita per Stranieri di Perugia in Perugia, and Università degli Studi di Firenze in Italy. Jointly, they address global water and environmental challenges through academic, scientific and cultural programs with a particular focus on urban coastal hydrologic modeling. 


Genoa is a Top Study Abroad Destination for FIU Students

  • 541total students completed a study abroad program in Genoa
  • 325students completed a semester-long program in Genoa
  • 216students completed a half-semester or summer program in Genoa
  • 114FIU degrees awarded to Italian citizens since 2009
  • 19FIU faculty research enterprises have occurred in Italy
  • 6COIL courses have been taught in partnership with an Italian institution
  • 1U.S Fulbright Scholar Distinguished Chair award to Italy

FIU, University of Genoa and the City of Genoa Sign MOU

In January 2020, FIU, the University of Genoa, and the Genoa City Government signed a three-party Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) acknowledging the importance of the international alliance between the two academic institutions of higher education for the city. The MOU symbolizes each partner's commitment to promote educational, cultural, and scientific collaborations.

All parties emphasize that the partnership will continue to generate unique opportunities for economic development and the creation of new knowledge. It also generated further discussions with members of the Genoa Chamber of Commerce as well as Costa Crociere. 


  • Genoa City Government

    Dr. Pablo G. Ortiz met with Barbara Grosso, City Councilor for Culture, Education and Youth (2nd from right), and Gianluca Saba, Comune di Genova International Activities (2nd from left). Anna Maria Saiano, US Consular Agent in Genoa (left), played a crucial role in organizing meetings and advancing a US educational institution in Genoa. Matthew Rice, FIU Genoa program manager (r).


  • University of Genoa

    l-r: Prof. Giorgio Roth, Dean of the UniGe Polytechnic School, Dr. Pablo G. Ortiz, Marco Invernizzi, then UniGe Protettore for Research and Technology Transfer.


  • Genoa Chamber of Commerce

    Dr. Ortiz met with Elena Manara (2nd from left) responsible for External Relations, in the magnificent Palazzo Carrega Cataldi on Via Garibaldi to discuss possible interactions with local industries. Gianluca Saba (far right), Matthew Rice (far left).


  • Costa Crociere

    Dr. Ortiz met with Davide Triacca, Secretary General of the Costa Crociere Foundation (2nd from right), Alessandro Barabino, Human Resources (right), and Fabrizio Contartese, Project Management Specialist (left) to discuss opportunities for FIU students in various degree programs. Triacca spoke of the role of the Foundation to promote Corporate Social Responsibility and 'managed tourism'.


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