FIU World Centers

FIU World Centers serve as hubs to facilitate collaborative learning and teaching, exchanges, research, service and engagement opportunities abroad. Through World Centers, we envision to cultivate opportunities with and for our students, scientists, academics, entrepreneurs, government officials, and of course FIU alumni with valued partners abroad. 

Actuating Our Global Strategy

FIU's Global Strategy 2025 names three overarching priorities: the global success of our institution, our faculty and our students. While boosting all three, FIU World Centers pave the many paths towards our goal of strengthening global institutional collaborations through outcome-oriented collaborations and partnerships in strategically selected locations.

What's an FIU World Center?

  • A hub to cultivate partnerships and facilitate collaborations for and with our stakeholders that are in direct alignment with institutional priorities such as our institutional strategy Next Horizon 2025
  • A global location where FIU has sustained success in advancing the Universitiy's mission and identified opportunities for growth
  • A strong University presence through which we promote our brand and grow our reputation as a solutions center and top university
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Transformational Partnerships

International engagement abroad has traditionally been driven by individuals and single units with a partner abroad, focused on pre-defined transactions or project goals, and rarely has it been interdisciplinary. Overall, it is the shared vision that FIU World Centers will have a transformational education effect that drives successful collaborations deeply anchored in mutual agreement and benefit. Now is the time to develop strategic partnerships that will facilitate transformational academic and scientific work.

World Center partnerships are founded with the expectation that multiple educational agreements such as affiliation, articulation, consortia, distance learning, dual degree, research collaboration, for-credit and non-credit programs, student/faculty/staff exchanges and others, are established with partners in that location/region. Such partnerships are based on mutual respect and reciprocity, principles that are deeply rooted in our teachings towards global citizenship. A World Center location is determined through a thorough assessment of our past and present successes with the goal to continue and form new win-win partnerships in these locations. To that end, World Centers form the basis for new synergies and expand our ability to collaborate and problem-solve effectively. 

Designated in 2021:

After a thorough review process by the members of the FIU Global Strategy Leadership Group, our past and present efforts in Colombia and Italy indicate that our constituents are greatly invested in those countries and are eager to partner with collaborators for real impact.