Global Travel Resources for Employees

FIU’s faculty and staff who travel internationally are urged to inform themselves of legal and institutional requirements as well as safety, health and other risks related to their travel destination(s). The better our travelers are informed and have prepared pre-departure, the they can focus on achieving their goals while abroad. 

Travel Policy and Procedure
We urge faculty and staff to review the university's International Travel Policy and Procedure for Employees & Students prior to departure. The Office of Education Abroad guides faculty and staff who may travel with students. While safety and security of our travelers is always our first priority, travelers are also expected to know and observe requirements to protect individuals and the institution from undue foreign influence.

International Travel Committee
The International Travel Committee (ITC) advises the Provost on travelpolicies and procedures, reviews travel risks associated with trips to high risk destinations, and makes recommendations to mitigate travel risks to FIU's faculty, staff and students. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the ITC has guided the university community on how to keep travelers safe. 

Export Controls
All travelers on university-sponsored or -related trips must understand and abide by federal requirements associated with protections from foreign influence and assets control. For detailed information, please visit Export Controls.