We are here to support students with their educational aspirations - be it as a visitor to FIU from a foreign country, a local student who seeks exciting international learning experiences abroad, or an opportunity for global engagement right here on our campus and in our community. There are truly no boundaries for those who want to put their global citizenship to the test. 

Learn more about programs and resources for international education including studying abroad, learning English at the English Language Institute, enrolling in the Global Learning Medallion program, taking out global travel insurance and much more.

Not sure where to start? Email us at to jump start your international education journey. 

Fulbright Program

Through the Fulbright Program, many FIU students and faculty have had the opportunity to study, teach and research in more than 140 countries across the world. FIU also regularly hosts visiting Fulbright students and scholars from abroad. Visit the Fulbright Student Program page to learn more.