International Travel Insurance for Students

Effective Fall 2021, the University offers international travel insurance coverage to students who go abroad on FIU-sponsored or -affilated trips to conduct research and field work, teach, present at conferences, collaborate on projects, and participate in exchanges or study abroad programs. 

FIU’s international travel insurance provider is UnitedHealthcare (UHC) Global and coverage includes the following benefits:

Travel Arrangement Protection Benefits


Protection For the Insured’s Belongings Benefits

Travel Insurance Benefits


Trip Delay


Baggage and Personal Effects


Accident & Sickness Medical Expense


Political/Security Evacuation


Natural Disaster Evacuation


Items subject to Special Limitations


Dental Expense sublimit


Medical Evacuation and Repatriation of Remains




Emergency Medical Evacuation




Enrollment for International Travel Insurance
Here's the good news: there is no enrollment with the insurance provider to be eligible for this coverage. BUT, before you can travel, you MUST:

Individual Student Trips Abroad

Study Abroad Programs And Other Group Trips

Field Work

Exchange Programs
Faculty-led Study Abroad Programs
Alternative Spring

Requires a Travel Authorization Request (TAR) submitted for approval by the student's faculty/department supervisor to register the trip

The Office of Education Abroad registers your trip

Gitta Montoto
FIU Global 

Ariana Arguello
Office of Education Abroad



 Off you Go Into the World - More Safely with FIU's Insurance Coverage  
We urge all FIU student travelers going abroad on university-related trips to take along a copy of the UnitedHealthcare Global ID card and to keep this information handy at all times. 

In case of an emergency, or questions about coverage and benefits, please contact the UnitedHealthcare Global Emergency Response Center 24/7 365 days a year: 

From abroad: +1.410.453.6330
From the U.S. or Canada: 1.800.527.0218

Now explore, learn, teach and be change makers across the globe. Go Panthers!