International Travel Committee

It’s all about your safety

FIU’s students, faculty and staff who travel internationally are urged to inform themselves of legal and institutional requirements as well as safety, health and other risks related to their travel destination(s). The better a traveler is informed and prepared, the more they can focus on achieving academic goals while abroad.

The International Travel Committee (ITC) has been charged by the provost with leading the university community in following best practices when it comes to traveling internationally. We are here to help you prepare for your trip with guidance on:

  • Policies and procedures
  • On-campus traveler resources
  • Global travel assistance and insurance for students, employees and affiliated travelers
Committee Chair

Birgitta "Gitta" Rausch-Montoto, Director, Global Strategy & Faculty Success, FIU Global 

Departmental representatives

  • Department of Emergency Management: Amy Aiken, Assistant Vice President
  • Office of Education Abroad: Rosa Fuste, Associate Director
  • Office of the General Counsel: Liz Marston, Deputy General Counsel; Iris Elijah, Associate General Counsel
  • Office of Research & Economic Development: William Anderson, Professor and Assoc. Vice President; Tonja Moore, Assoc. Vice President
  • Office of Risk Management: Alexander Fals, Director
  • University Compliance & Integrity: Jennifer LaPorta, Chief Compliance Officer

For students

Our students conduct research, carry out field work, present their work, collaborate with others, and engage in projects all across the world. Taking global citizenship seriously, they seek to have a meaningful impact on the global community. No matter if they travel as part of a group, with faculty, or on their own, we want to ensure that they are well prepared and protected prior to their departure.

As such, the Office of Education Abroad provides assistance and resources that support our students in achieving their educational goals while abroad. Please start planning your travels early and contact the Office of Education Abroad in advance of your trip. 


For questions related to international student travel (with or without faculty/staff), please contact Wendy Bravo, Office of Education Abroad at 305-348-1913 or

For faculty and staff

Regardless if you are traveling abroad in order to gain or distribute new knowledge, collaborate on projects or conduct field work, recruit or meet with our global partners, FIU Global is here to provide you with critical information and resources making your trip as safe and secure as possible.

Not only do we provide our employees (this includes student employees) with global business travel insurance while abroad, we assist with addressing risks associated with foreign influence and assets control, pre-departure health assessments and more. Please visit Global Travel Resources for Employees to find out more.


For questions related to international travel by employees (including by student employees), please contact Gitta Montoto, Director, Global Strategy & Faculty Success at 786-232-1084 or