Dr. Wendy Guess

College of Business

Phone: 305-348-2571

Email: wguess@fiu.edu


Dr. Wendy Guess is a faculty member in the Department of Marketing and Logistics where she designed the “Health and Fitness Marketing” course. Wendy teaches two courses in the Honors College; "The Essential Elements of Interaction,” and "Exploring Culture the Movement and Music."

Wendy combines her academic training in the disciplines of Health, Promotion, Management, and Anthropology with a variety of professional experience.  She has received teaching awards, has multiple certified GL and QM courses and is certified in Systemic Dynamics of Organizations. 

During college Wendy was a member of Ballroom and Folk Dance Performing Companies, competing and performing internationally. She has continued combining creative and collaborative skills to develop programs for wellness, interactions, including a profile for understanding interaction styles in groups.