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Part of FIU's mission is to focus on collaborative engagement with global communities. That is why our FIU units have worked hard to develop a presence overseas. From this effort emerged important international initiatives, such as FIU in Genoa and FIU in Tianjin, global locations offering various degrees and programs in partnership with foreign cities and institutions. 

Learn about our global programs and regional locations – and how FIU strives to make its "footprint" in the world.

FIU in Genoa

Continue your studies in subject areas like architecture, interior design, humanities, social sciences or hospitality management while immersing yourself in a beautiful Italian city.

Explore FIU in Genoa

FIU in Tianjin

Experience a truly unique semester abroad in Tianjin, China while pursuing an undergraduate degree in hospitality and tourism management.

Explore FIU in Tianjin

FIU in Colombia

Discover FIU's significant activity realm in Colombia, as FIU Global leads the efforts on founding an Emerging World Center in Colombia in the foreseeable future. 

Explore FIU in Colombia