FIU's Office of Global Learning Initiatives is your partner in making global learning universal. We connect practitioners and scholars to advance global learning practices around the world.

FIU offers professional development and customized consulting to develop new, or augment existing, global learning offerings. We assist with assessing and setting achievable goals for faculty, instructors and teachers; higher education administrators and staff; K-20 education experts, administrators and staff; and industry and community leaders.

Global learning, by some also defined as "internationalization at home," is "the process of diverse people collaboratively analyzing and addressing complex issues that transcend borders"

Landorf and Doscher, 2015

What is global learning? 

Firmly embedded into FIU's undergraduate curriculum, the Global Learning for Global Citizenship initiative since 2010 has shepherded more than 140,000 students through global learning experiences that shaped their awareness, perspectives and passion for addressing global problems.

Top 10 Skills Wanted by Employers

Source: 2020 World Economic Forum

1. Complex problem solving 
2. Critical thinking
3. Creativity
4. People management
5. Collaboration

6. Emotional intelligence
7. Judgment and decision-making
8. Service orientation
9. Negotiation
10. Cognitive flexibility

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FIU’S GLOBAL LEARNING NETWORK CALLS UPON: 1,500 enthusiastic Global Learning faculty FIU’s global learning faculty have vast experience in successfully integrating global learning into their courses and their discipline. They too will gladly partner with you and facilitate your curricular and co-curricular advances.

Dr. Landorf delivers cutting edge knowledge of international education and best practices in a way that not only motivates and excites faculty, but ensures that internationalizing the curriculum is manageable and fun!

Ling Gao LeBeau, Ph.D. Director of International Programs and Services and SIO, Western Carolina University