ERASMUS+ Call for Application

Call for Applications to the Erasmus+ Mobility Grant to Universitatea Babeș-Bolyai

FIU Global is pleased to announce the call for applications for two (2) Erasmus+ mobilities with our European partner Universitatea Babeș-Bolyai (UBB), Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Romania.

The two mobilities for 2022-2023 which were awarded by the European Commission and the Romanian national agency to UBB for FIU faculty and staff to travel to UBB can be for either teaching mobility or training mobility.

When applying, please ensure to specify which type of mobility (teaching OR training) you are applying to. Note that a teaching mobility will require eight (8) hours of speaking/teaching engagements, such as workshop, guest lecture, or the like to be planned by the applicant in coordination with UBB. Also, for the teaching mobility, per the Erasmus+ Inter-Institutional Agreement between FIU and UBB, the subjects are limited to Public Administration, Political Science, Journalism, and Public Health and would take place within UBB's Faculty of Political, Administrative, and Communication Sciences.

Conversely, for the training mobility, it would not be limited to any particular subject or discipline, and this could involve several active or passive engagements depending on the plan submitted by the applicant.

The Erasmus+ mobility grant (whether teaching or training) is awarded for seven (7) days out of which a minimum of five (5) days must be on-sight at UBB, and two (2) days are slotted for travel (arrival/departure).

With your application, please outline your anticipated travel dates, as well. Travel has to be completed prior to the end of July 2023 (07/31/2023) for this round of Erasmus+ mobility grants.

In terms of eligibility, the applicant has to be a full-time FIU employee (no citizenship requirement). For teaching mobilities, only full-time faculty members (non-tenure-track, tenured, tenure-track) are eligible.

For the training mobility grant, any full-time FIU employee is eligible (administrative personnel, staff, faculty). Part-time employees, students, or adjunct faculty are not eligible for this Erasmus+ mobility grant.

Due Dates for Erasmus+ Mobilities 2022-2023 (no extensions can be granted):

Eramsus+ mobility selected participants
March 9thCall for Applications published
March 16th (0:00 AM EDT)Application submissions open (first day application submission is possible)
March 30 (5:00 PM EDT)Application submissions deadline (last day application submission is possible)
April 4Results of the selection committee with be communicated
April 5-6Session of appeals
April 7Final results of the selection commitee will be communicated

Please submit your application in-person in printed paper form to our office located in Primera Casa (PC) 520, Modesto Maidique Campus, including:

(1) A completed and signed (wet/ink signature) staff application form, which can be downloaded here

(2) An up-to-date curriculum vitae

(3) A motivation letter which contains three sections: (a) personal/professional motivation, (b) proposed mobility program, (c) benefits to FIU

(*If you are unable to submit the application in-person, you may mail it instead via postal mail or courier to FIU Global, 11200 SW 8th Street, PC 520, Miami, FL 33199; the postal or courier mail would have to be received by March 30, 2023, 5:00 PM EDT to be eligible for the selection committee to review it as part of this round of 2022-2023 Erasmus+ mobility grants; emailed applications cannot be accepted)

What to Know Before Applying

  • Selection Criteria

    (1) Proposed mobility program (60%)

    (2) Motivation letter (40%)

  • Grant Funds

     Erasmus+ Mobility grant will provide funds of up to EUR 2,480 to assist with the travel expenses associated with the mobility. Out of the EUR 2,480, USD 1,500 are allotted for airfare and EUR 980 for a daily subsistence grant (EUR 140 per day; EUR 980 for a seven day trip). UBB will assist with the dispersion of the grant which will be done in cash, once the traveler has arrived in Cluj-Napoca.

  • More information about Erasmus+ Mobilities and the Erasmus+ Program

    The general objective of the Programme is to support, through lifelong learning, the educational, professional and personal development of people in education, training, youth and sport, in Europe and beyond, thereby contributing to sustainable growth, quality jobs and social cohesion, to driving innovation, and to strengthening European identity and active citizenship. As such, the Programme shall be a key instrument for building a European Education Area, supporting the implementation of the European strategic cooperation in the field of education and training, with its underlying sectoral agendas. In addition, it is key in advancing youth policy cooperation under the European Union Youth Strategy 2019-2027 and developing the European dimension in sport.

  • Resources on Erasmus
    For more information, please visit Erasmus Objectives and Erasmus Struture.

 Selected Participants 

Congratulations to the following participants who were selected by the committee for the Erasmus+ Mobility Grant to Universitatea Babeș-Bolyai

Selected participants

Teaching Mobility 

Training Mobility 

Allan Rosenbaum 
Distinguished University Professor, Public Administration
Lukas K. Danner 
Faculty Administrator/Associate Director, FIU Global