International Partners

We invite international partners to connect with us in two ways: 

  • Collaborate with us to facilitate COILs between our faculty and students
  • Work with us to host COIL training for your campus and partners.


Introduction to COIL

Let us introduce you to COIL at one of our upcoming sessions on Zoom. You'll learn about the why, what, and how of COIL:

  • Why COIL? 
  • COIL's design sequence: icebreaker,collaborative task, reflection 
  • Examples of interdisciplinary COILs
  • Benefits for students and faculty
  • Professional development resources
  • Links to mobility, research, career prep, grants, and more

Sign up for an Intro to COIL Session:

October 10, 2022: 12-1:15pm Eastern Time 

October 11, 2022: 11-12:15pm Eastern Time (Session will be in Spanish)

Find a COIL Partner at FIU

Let us help you find a COIL faculty match at FIU! Submit an International Faculty COIL Partnering Profile. We'll share your profile with our faculty network and set up a time to meet and explore options. When you find a match, we’ll invite you and your FIU partner to participate in a free COIL Design Workshop for FIU Faculty and Partners.

Submit an International Faculty COIL Partnering Profile

 *International COIL Coordinators: Please send COIL offers to

Host Custom COIL Professional Development for your Faculty, Staff, and Partners 

FIU COIL works with international institutions and networks to provide faculty and staff training in English and Spanish. We work with each partner on a contract basis, and will design a professional development program and timeline that meets your needs.

Explore our custom COIL professional development opportunities

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