Custom COIL Professional Development

We offer a range of professional development opportunities to help your institution develop a robust COIL program. Browse the options below to learn more about their intended audiences and purposes, content, outcomes, and pricing.

All options are available in English and/or Spanish. 

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COIL Symposia

We offer different types of meetings to kick-off your COIL initiative. Choose the meeting(s) you need to create a symposium to inform stakeholders, develop buy-in, and design strategy.

Meeting duration: 2.0 hours with breakout discussions
Price: $600 USD per meeting, maximum 2 meetings per day
  • Option 1: Introduction to COIL for Faculty

    Target audience: Faculty across curriculum and degree levels, COIL Coordinators, educational developers, instructional designers and technologists

    Enrollment: Unlimited


    • What is COIL?
    • COIL design sequence: icebreaker, collaborative task, reflection
    • Role of technology
    • Benefits for students, faculty
    • Keys to success
    • Breakout discussion activities
    • Examples of practice, Q&A
  • Option 2: Introduction to COIL for Administrators and Staff

    Target audience: Academic leaders, internationalization staff, technologists, educational developers 

    Enrollment: Unlimited


    • What is COIL?
    • COIL's relationship to internationalization and other strategic goals
    • COIL design sequence: icebreaker, collaborative task, reflection
    • Benefits for students, faculty
    • Resourcing, training, and support basics
    • Breakout room activity
    • Q & A
  • Option 3: COIL Curriculum Mapping

    Target audience: Deans, department chairs, program leaders

    Enrollment: 30 maximum


    • Working session to analyze program and course learning outcomes and identify how, when, and where faculty and students will COIL within program of study
  • Option 4: COIL & Internationalization Strategy

    Target audience: Internationalization leaders and staff and other key stakeholders

    Enrollment: 30 maximum


    • Working session to integrate COIL with comprehensive internationalization strategy and identify existing and needed human, physical, technological, financial, and professional development resources to support a COIL program

COIL Mindset Workshop

A 1-session workshop that can be conducted on its own or prior to COIL Design Workshop. Facilitated by Eva HaugCoordinator of Internationalization and COIL and Senior Lecturer in Intercultural Competence at the Faculty of Business and Economics at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Meeting duration: 3 hours with 30-minute break
Price: $900 USD, maximum 30 participants
Why, What, and How of
Internationalization at Home (IaH)
and COIL
● Introduction to COIL: What is Collaborative Online International Learning?
● Internationalizing learning outcomes and assessment
● COIL and (Inter)cultural learning opportunities
● Tech follows pedagogy: Facilitating student learning in an online environment
Learning outcome: COIL Mindset

COIL Design Workshop

An online workshop engaging partnered faculty to design a COIL module plan.

  • Workshop can be spread over 3-6 weeks
  • Asynchronous self-paced readings and resources 
  • 4 synchronous sessions for instructor-led training, partner brainstorming, and peer feedback
  • Post-workshop evaluation report, including quantitative and qualitative analysis of participant satisfaction and growth in COIL knowledge and confidence, instructor recommendations for continuous improvement, and references and resources for further learning.

Price: We offer workshops to groups of various sizes with discounts for larger enrollment.

Tier 1: $6,300 (12-18 participants)

Tier 2: $8,125 (19-25 participants)

Tier 3: $9,600 (26-32 participants)


Design Workshop Schedule

Week 1 and Zoom #1

Module 0: Welcome and Orientation

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn the elements of a COIL Module Plan
  • Assess partners’ unique time, culture, language, technology, content contexts

Week 2 and Zoom #2

Module 1: Icebreakers and Intercultural

Learning outcomes:

  • Design activities for establishing respect and trust
  • Develop activities for motivating students and preparing them for intercultural communication and online collaboration

Module 2: Essential Question & Student Learning

Learning outcomes:

  • Determine a common question or problem to focus the COIL module
  • Develop 1-3 COIL disciplinary and intercultural student learning outcomes

Week 3 and Zoom #3

Module 3: Collaborative Tasks

Learning outcomes:

  • Design instructions for the collaborative task

Module 4: Technology Tools

Learning outcomes:

  • Determine tools for asynchronous and
    synchronous communication

Week 4 and Zoom #4

Module 5: Student Learning Reflection & Assessment

Learning outcomes:

  • Design student reflection activities and
    instruments for assessing disciplinary and cultural learning

Module 6: Final Presentations

Learning outcomes:

  • Present COIL Module Plan
  • Offer peer feedback on COIL Module Plans
  • Complete post-workshop reflection