We offer a range of professional development opportunities to help your institution develop a robust COIL program. Browse the options below to learn more about their intended audiences and purposes, content, outcomes, and pricing.

All options are available in English and/or Spanish. 

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COIL Symposia

We offer different types of meetings to kick-off your COIL initiative. Choose the meeting(s) you need to create a symposium to inform stakeholders, develop buy-in, and design strategy.

Meeting duration: 2.0 hours with breakout discussions
Price: $500 USD per meeting, maximum 2 meetings per day
  • Option 1: Introduction to COIL for Faculty

    Target audience: Faculty across curriculum and degree levels, COIL Coordinators, educational developers, instructional designers and technologists

    Enrollment: Unlimited


    • What is COIL?
    • COIL design sequence: icebreaker, collaborative task, reflection
    • Role of technology
    • Benefits for students, faculty
    • Keys to success
    • Breakout discussion activities
    • Examples of practice, Q&A
  • Option 2: Introduction to COIL for Administrators and Staff

    Target audience: Academic leaders, internationalization staff, technologists, educational developers 

    Enrollment: Unlimited


    • What is COIL?
    • COIL's relationship to internationalization and other strategic goals
    • COIL design sequence: icebreaker, collaborative task, reflection
    • Benefits for students, faculty
    • Resourcing, training, and support basics
    • Breakout room activity
    • Q & A
  • Option 3: COIL Curriculum Mapping

    Target audience: Deans, department chairs, program leaders

    Enrollment: 30 maximum


    • Working session to analyze program and course learning outcomes and identify how, when, and where faculty and students will COIL within program of study
  • Option 4: COIL & Internationalization Strategy

    Target audience: Internationalization leaders and staff and other key stakeholders

    Enrollment: 30 maximum


    • Working session to integrate COIL with comprehensive internationalization strategy and identify existing and needed human, physical, technological, financial, and professional development resources to support a COIL program

COIL Mindset Session

A 1-session workshop that can be conducted on its own or prior to COIL Design Workshop

Meeting duration: 3.5 hours with 30-minute break
Price: $700 USD, maximum 30 participants
Why, What, and How of
Internationalization at Home (IaH)
and COIL
● Introduction to COIL: What is Collaborative Online International Learning?
● Internationalizing learning outcomes and assessment
● COIL and (Inter)cultural learning opportunities
● Tech follows pedagogy: Facilitating student learning in an online environment
Learning outcome: COIL Mindset

COIL Mindset Workshop

A 3-session workshop to introduce faculty to curriculum internationalization and COIL

Meeting duration: 2 hours per session
Price: $1500 USD, maximum 30 participants
  • Session 1: Why and What of Internationalization at Home (IaH) and COIL
    ● Introduction to COIL: What is Collaborative Online International Learning?
    ● What are the enablers and obstacles for IaH and COIL for you and for your department/university?
    ● Internationalizing learning outcomes and assessment
    Learning outcomes:
    ● Five-step action plan to promote COIL in department
    ● COIL learning outcome for an existing module
  • Session 2: The How of IaH and COIL
    ● COIL and (Inter)cultural learning opportunities
    ● Tech follows pedagogy: Facilitating student learning in an online environment
    ● Creating collaborative assignments in an online environment
    Learning outcomes:
    ● COIL Map: Position COIL practice among other internationalization activities
    ● COIL Mindset
  • Session 3: Presenting Plans for IaH and COIL Projects
    ● Peer feedback: COIL Map and COIL Mindset
    ● Partnering and international collaboration: Pitfalls and challenges when finding a partner.
    Learning outcomes:
    ● Needs analysis: What is needed to bring your COIL project and other IaH components forward.

COIL Design Workshop

An online workshop engaging partnered faculty to design a COIL module plan.

  • Workshop can be spread over 3-6 weeks
  • Asynchronous self-paced readings and resources 
  • 4 synchronous sessions for instructor-led training, partner brainstorming, and peer feedback
  • Post-workshop evaluation report, including quantitative and qualitative analysis of participant learning and instructor recommendations for continuous improvement

Price: $300 USD per participant, maximum 25 participants

**Optional 3.5-hour “COIL Mindset” pre-workshop session available. Highly recommended for faculty who have not participated in professional development for curriculum internationalization and/or intercultural competence.

Design Workshop Schedule

Week 1 and Zoom #1

Module 0: Welcome and Orientation

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn the elements of a COIL Module Plan
  • Assess partners’ unique time, culture, language, technology, content contexts

Week 2 and Zoom #2

Module 1: Icebreakers and Intercultural

Learning outcomes:

  • Design activities for establishing respect and trust
  • Develop activities for motivating students and preparing them for intercultural communication and online collaboration

Module 2: Essential Question & Student Learning

Learning outcomes:

  • Determine a common question or problem to focus the COIL module
  • Develop 1-3 COIL disciplinary and intercultural student learning outcomes

Week 3 and Zoom #3

Module 3: Collaborative Tasks

Learning outcomes:

  • Design instructions for the collaborative task

Module 4: Technology Tools

Learning outcomes:

  • Determine tools for asynchronous and
    synchronous communication

Week 4 and Zoom #4

Module 5: Student Learning Reflection & Assessment

Learning outcomes:

  • Design student reflection activities and
    instruments for assessing disciplinary and cultural learning

Module 6: Final Presentations

Learning outcomes:

  • Present COIL Module Plan
  • Offer peer feedback on COIL Module Plans
  • Complete post-workshop reflection